05 June 2014

My Top 5 Favourite Cities

For the past 2 years I have been away from this blog. I have been busy with work. New life, new job, new friends, new places, new New. Well, now that it's not that New anymore, it's time to look back, reflect and see what have I gained, lose, sacrificed, experienced, and blessed with. 

Today, I feel like writing about some of my favourite cities I've been to in the past 2 years. Even though there's tonnes of them, but I've come down to 5 of them which are the Top Favourites of mine. The Top 5 cities that I would love to revisit any time of my life. 

1. New York

That's right. The Big Apple. Living there could be an entirely different experience, but visiting for holiday is absolutely amazing. The crazy city vibes, it's got everything. It's a place where being there, you feel like anything is "possible". Due to intense competition, the city is filled with great restaurants with all types of cuisines, variety of bars and clubs, etc. There's also so much to do such as watching a play, musical theatre, comedy shows, music gigs, and tonnes of street performances. It has always been a place that I wanted to visit, so I was there last year on my birthday, and went up to the Empire State Observatory Deck at night. Great view of the concrete jungle. (photo below)

2. Paris

Though there's bad comments bout the city because it's dirty, tonnes of pick pockets and snatchers, or even "rudeness", my experiences in Paris was pretty good. And I would love to keep it that way. Visited during winter time, so it was freezing cold. But nothing stops the people from flocking into the city of fashion, or love? Either one, it was onion soup, coffee, nutella crepes, desserts and art for me. Cheers to that! Below are the Eiffel Tower, delicious crepe stall and Laduree. 

3. Seoul

Seoul is a food haven. It is mind-blowing and mouth-watering at the same time. Just imagine how you gonna look like if that happens. One word, retarded. So I was food-retarded for the one whole week during my stay in Seoul. The spicy soups and bbq meat are such a healthy combination because even though we stuffed ourselves every meal like a yellow bear with red T and no pants? (winnie the pooh), we didn't gain much weight. Thus, we kept our pants on. Well of course, we also walked a lot, and drink a lot. Of tea. *chuckles* Beautiful and lovely city. 

4. Tokyo

I guess Japan is one of the places we all love to visit at least once in our lifetime. A country with lots of strong and deep cultures going on. Having a childhood where part of me grew up watching Japanese animes and dramas, playing video games, listening to JRock, reading comic books and fashion magazines, and eating sushi and sashimi (lol, lame), it was a pleasure to finally get the chance to see Japan with my own eyes, and of course, eat some real sushi and sashimi! (now that's for real). Below are the famous Shibuya Crossing, amazing smoked fatty tuna, and Tokyo Tower at night.

5. Rio de Janeiro

Sometimes when you get too much of the same thing, you get sick of it too (I'm talking buildings here). When escaping from skycrapers and humans, you find nature as your best friend. Rio was categorized as one of my adventurous trip because I had my first hang gliding experience there (and the one and only hang gliding experience actually). Jumping from the cliffs high up in the mid of the mountain, it took away my heartbeat for as long as I can remember and gave it back to me eventually. Overlooking the beaches from the top, but too far to see the Christ statue, gliding and circling the mountains, it's the real life national geographic, Live, with my own eyes. I remembered seeing two different kinds of bird flying around and kissing with each other. Rio is just beautiful, with the perfect beaches, great Caipirinha drinks, never ending Brazilian BBQs (all types of juicy meat kept coming till you scream), the Christ statue, the mountains, the sky, and the sun. What else? There's always something else. But I'm gonna leave that out. *wink

Hope you enjoy reading one of my thoughts again after 2 years of absent and a little insight of my travel experiences. 

Now, what's Your favourite city?

27 September 2012

Things To Do in Buenos Aires @ Argentina

Dine and Wine
It's all about meat and wine!

La Boca

Tango y Musica

Of course, there's more things to do in Buenos Aires. Maybe will do on next visit, if there's a next visit. ;)