18 February 2012

Rumah Terbalik @ Tamparuli, Sabah

Seems like Kota Kinabalu is focusing a lot on its tourism lately! We have a Rumah Terbalik (The Upside Down House in Borneo) built at Tamparuli, Sabah! Opened to all visitors. Driving from KK to Tamparuli takes about 40 minutes to less than 1 hour. Depending what kinda speed you are driving of course, and traffic condition.

First thing we saw was this upside down Kancil car just right in front of the parking lot. I have no idea how they hold the weight up there. Tonnes of glue and nails?

And beside was an upside down house. That's where we'll be going inside later...

So we bought ourselves tickets at the counter. The staffs are real polite.

Below is the price for foreigners. Whereas for locals, charges are RM10 for adult. Great way to support our own tourism field.

There was a female guide that led us into the house. We were asked to hit that Gong 3 times and knock on the door before entering the house. Its a culture thing.

Before we entered the house, she told us there were 3 rules which we must abide to it. 
(1) We are not allowed to touch the objects inside the house.
(2) We are only allowed to walk on the red carpet that's laid inside the house. 

So what's inside there, you can only see it with your own eyes. It's pretty interesting. 

Note : The whole tour took less than 10 minutes. As that was the ONLY house to be visited.

Minutes later, we were led to the souvenir shop....................................................

and THATS it. End of tour. True Story.

It is a very healthy act to support our own culture and tourism industry.
For more Info, The Upside Down House Facebook Link.

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ngumbang said...

Rumah Terbalik is indeed another unique attraction. Sadly no pictures were allowed during the visit.

Other than the Rumah Terbalik there are still other places that we managed to go like Kundasang War Memorial, Manukan Island and the Kinabalu. The Kinabalu is a must visit.

Here is the website that actually really helps me a lot on getting my trips.